Paul Saltzmann, the flying wild goose

Paul’s death reminds me of the first time I saw him. I had illicitly smuggled myself into Vocation Days at Anderson College in the spring of 1955, though I was only a high school sophomore. A variety show on Friday evening would be the entertainment highlight. I sat on the floor of the old gym with other high school students for the show. After several acts, the MC announced that the next act would be “The Flight of the Wild Goose” by a student named Paul Saltzmann. The old gym began to buzz and tremble with excitement. The college students had seen the performance and were telling each other. Suddenly, music blared from the front and a young man seemed to fly across the stage without touching it. His arms and legs were flapping to the song, “The Flight of the Wild Goose.” Pandemonium of laughter, clapping, and stomping broke out. When the act ended, I had made up my mind: I wanted to attend Anderson College.


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